We explain the benefits of Scented Pearls!

Product characteristics

Intense and long-lasting fragrance
No harmful chemicals
Suitable for sensitive skin
Easy to use
Fresh and natural aroma
For all types of garments

Shipping & Returns

We send it directly to the door of your house by parcel. Free shipping from €20.

If you are not convinced, we will refund your money. That's how convinced we are.

What are Scented Pearls?

  • They are an extra intense and long-lasting smell for your clothes.
  • Without damaging or clogging the fabrics, suitable for any garment.
  • Choose between Lavender, Floral or Aurora Forest fragrances.
  • Easy to use: insert them into the washing machine drum.

Enjoy a fresh and scented laundry with Natulim !

  • Floral

    Pearls from our "Best Selling" fragrance. Sweet peach blossom aroma, ideal for lovers of floral fragrances!

  • Lavender

    Fresh and relaxing fragrance that leaves your clothes with a characteristic clean lavender aroma.

  • Aurora Forest

    Surprisingly fresh, with a touch of apple branch that will leave your clothes with a soft and pleasant aroma.

Aromatize your Colada

    1. Dosage according to your taste: If you like a subtle aroma, 10g is enough. Do you prefer a more intense smell? Put 20g or more!
    2. Put the beads directly into the washing machine drum before putting the clothes in. This way, each garment will come out scented!
    3. Don't forget the detergent! Combine the Scented Pearls with our detergent strips.
    4. Select your washing program that best suits your laundry.
    5. Ready! Let yourself be surprised by the result.
  • *It is important to always put the beads before the clothes to ensure that they dissolve 100%.

Ecological and Safe Alternative

  • No Harmful Chemicals: without compromising the quality of the textile fibers.
  • Non-Toxic Formula: Designed for the safety of your home, ideal for families concerned about health and well-being.
  • For All Types of Garments: From bedding to sportswear.

Subscribe and Save

Save and prioritize Sustainability with our rechargeable format!

We present our subscription option for Natulim Scented Pearls. Always keep your clothes with a pleasant aroma, in a more ecological way.

Save and help the environment by refilling your initial cylinder with each recurring order.

🚨 Save your bottle so you can fill it with our refills.

What is the Rechargeable Format and how is it used?

  • First Order: When you subscribe, you will receive a cylindrical cardboard jar, perfect for storing your scented pearls and keeping them fresh and ready to use.
  • Recurring Refills: Depending on the frequency you choose, you will receive a refill of 300g of scented pearls, the same amount that fits in the original cylinder! These refills will arrive in a compact envelope that will fit perfectly in your mailbox, facilitating delivery ( Free Shipping) .
  • Savings and Sustainability: By subscribing, you not only save money on each refill, but you also contribute to a more sustainable planet by reducing the use of unnecessary packaging.
  • Easy and Convenient: Simply open the refill sachet and pour the pearls into your cylindrical bottle. That easy and hassle-free, you will always have your favorite scented pearls on hand.

Why Subscribe?

  • Total Convenience: Receive your recharges directly to your mailbox without having to worry about running out of pearls.
  • Constant Scent: Keep the intense, long-lasting fragrance on your clothes, with refills at the frequency you choose to ensure you never run out.
  • Commitment to the Environment: With our subscription, you reduce plastic waste and support a more sustainable consumption cycle.


What are Scented Pearls?

They are perfume pearls for clothing in the shape of small spheres that are introduced directly into the drum of the washing machine that, during washing, impregnate the clothes with the chosen fragrance.

Unlike conventional fabric softeners, they are only fragrance-free, so they do not damage or clog the pores of the fabric and can be used on any garment, including technical or waterproof clothing. Provides an intense and long-lasting aroma.

What is it for?

Scented Pearls are designed exclusively to scent clothing during washing. Its fragrances give laundry an intense and pleasant aroma that lasts up to 18 weeks.

Is it ecological?

The package does not create waste during manufacturing or disposal.

It is a natural product. It does not contain chemicals and is environmentally friendly in its use and manufacturing.

How much is the shipping?

We send it directly to the door of your house by parcel. Free spending, if the order is greater than €20.

It's also free for people who already subscribe to other products.

Is there permanence in the subscription? Is it difficult to cancel?

There is no type of permanence. The fact of having a subscription allows us to have a better stock forecast and to be able to offer you a better price. To cancel the subscription, simply send us an email. Or you can do it yourself through your profile.

What are the ingredients of Scented Pearls?

De acuerdo con la normativa del REGLAMENTO (CE) No 648/2004:

La composición de ingredientes con INCI:


Polythylene glycols
Corn strach


💬 ¿Son de perfume sintético?

Están formuladas a base de aceites esenciales y fragancias sintéticas:

6% Fragance ( sintética )+ 3% Microcapsule scent ( aceites esenciales, extraídos de microcapsulas para que no manche.)

💬 ¿Son aptas para piel sensible?

Sí, son aptas para pieles sensibles teniendo en cuenta los posibles alérgenos a fragancias concretas.