An eco-conscious Christmas: 4 tips for slow and sustainable parties

We are approaching what, without a doubt, is the most consumerist date of the year: Christmas. During this time, we increase the production of plastic and waste that is difficult to manage, energy consumption, unnecessary purchases and endless excesses that it is in our power to avoid.


Centerpiece with candles

Christmas is a time of year in which people take the opportunity to have more gatherings of friends and family, sharing more time together and taking advantage of what is usually a holiday period to reunite with their loved ones. We take the opportunity to take a look back over the year and we are left with good memories and shared moments. However, many times this time is accompanied by truly unnecessary overflowing consumerism. Is it possible to avoid it? Of course, the answer is "yes."

To avoid another year of excess and waste, making this year more eco-conscious parties, we give you four tips to apply the slow life lifestyle and sustainability to our parties:

1. Ornaments

Decorating our home makes us experience Christmas in a more endearing and special way. This is usually accompanied by the purchase of a tree (the typical fir) whether plastic or natural. Are either options ecological or sustainable? Not really.

If you already have a synthetic tree, it is undoubtedly a good idea to reuse it, but if not, we do not recommend buying one, since we will be generating new plastic waste and not even natural waste, since in very rare cases they survive the many days inside, in the heat of the sun. home and the fact of being in a pot. The simplest option, a wall "tree" that you can shape with the materials you prefer.

The solution? Create our own decoration with twigs, leaves, dried citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks (even anise stars)... or plants that we have at home. Imagination to the power! In addition to reusing all the ornaments we already have, it is very rewarding to create your own, there are numerous ideas with recycled materials that will be ideal.

Wall tree composition

2. Gifts

Most of the time we buy objects that end up forgotten in some corner of the house. What if we give away experiences? A visit to the theater, a ticket to a nearby concert, an art exhibition, enjoying wine tourism, routes in the middle of Nature or a getaway will surely be an option that our loved ones will enjoy more.

And, if we choose to buy some detail, ecological or sustainable brands and at direct points of sale or through small local businesses will always be a better option.

How to wrap the details is also important, since many gift papers contain plastic components or inks that prevent proper recycling. The best option is to opt for kraft paper (yes, the cardboard-colored one that has not been subjected to aggressive or harmful chemical processes) and decorate it with some bows, twigs or dried flowers; If they can be reused, even better.

3. Energy expenditure

We love giving a Christmas touch to the home, but it is not necessary for the house to be full of lights everywhere. We can choose LED options and use something that gives it a really special charm: candles. They are an ideal option to decorate the corners we want and also to give warmth to the table.

With the drop in the thermometer, many homes raise the thermostat by system, when especially at times of gathering, the fact that there are more people at home will cause the temperature to rise a little more than normal.

4. Menu

There are numerous studies that have concluded that more food is thrown away during these times. Because? We tend to buy too much, once again.

Let's stop and think about the number of diners and what we are going to eat to devise an appropriate menu, in the right measure. Especially, taking into account that in the case of dinners it would be especially recommended that they be light.

In short, by applying these simple tips we will be able to spend the holidays in an eco-conscious way, living them according to the slow life standard and being more sustainable. Without a doubt, by opting for these small tips we will have ended these dates with pride in having contributed our grain of sand because every action counts.

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