Are you looking for detergent strips in Mercadona? we have a SURPRISE

Motivated by the usual queries from our users, who ask us why they cannot find our detergent strips in Mercadona, we have decided to create this article and share a surprise with our loyal customers. And also, we tell you how you can contribute so that you can find the Natulim detergent strips at your nearest Mercadona soon .

SURPRISE! Special price using code MERCADONA

At Natulim we care a lot about our users and we want to be closer and closer to you. For this reason, we have created the MERCADONA code for online use that offers a special 10% discount on Natulim Eco-Detergent Strips .



Who can use the MERCADONA discount code?

This code is generated mainly for those looking to purchase our detergent strips at Mercadona. Since by using the code MERCADONA10 you indicate your desire to find Natulim detergent strips in Mercadona supermarkets.

What is the benefit of using the code MERCADONA10?

  • You receive a 10% discount when you buy any of our presentations of Natulim Eco-Detergent Strips
  • You help the Natulim team create alliances to distribute detergent strips in Mercadona and other supermarkets that will facilitate your purchase.
  • You acquire an effective and ecological product at an incredible price.

How to use the MERCADONA promotional code?

Step 1: We go to the Natulim Eco-detergent strips 40 washes , select the fragrance that we like the most. We select single purchase (if you do not want to subscribe) and press the add to cart button.

Step 1 how to put detergent discount code on Mercadona strips

Step 2: We go to the cart and select "pay for order" (if you don't want anything else).

Step 2 how to put detergent discount code on Mercadona strips

Step 3: Once in the payment gateway, we will have the option to enter the discount code MERCADONA10, in the little white box. We press apply.

Step 3 how to enter Mercadona discount code

Step 4: Once applied, the label with the discount applied will appear. It's time to buy the product for a more comfortable price.

And you know, if you like Natulim, don't hesitate to subscribe! This way you save having to buy it again. You will be automatically resumed as often as you wish. This way, you will end up saving money, time, comfort and you will help the planet with ecological and responsible cleaning.

Step 4 how to put detergent discount code on Mercadona strips

Click Here and Buy Our Detergent Strips and Get 10% DISCOUNT with Code MERCADONA10 !

What products does the MERCADONA promotional code apply to?

The discount code is only valid for Natulim detergent strips. But, don't be discouraged. We want you to continue enjoying our products and to continue supporting us with your preference. Soon we will have more promotions and surprises for you. Follow us on our social networks and website. Thank you for choosing Natulim!


Why choose Natulim over other MERCADONA Brands?

In an article published by ESCOLETA, a comparison is made of the best detergent strips from Mercadona and Natulim positions it as the first best option, thanks to its efficiency, portability, ecology and economy, compared to its competitors.

If you have come this far... Don't hesitate and...

Click Here and Buy Our Detergent Strips and Get 10% DISCOUNT with the Code MERCADONA10 !

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