Scent your favorite clothes and say goodbye to the bad smell in your closet.


With the arrival of cold weather comes time to change your wardrobe. Your jackets, jackets and other outerwear, after several months or years locked in the closet, can give off a bad smell. It is possible to remove this characteristic odor from clothing and it is important to know that there are certain garments that, due to their construction - even if they are stored well washed - end up, over time, giving off a bad smell.

Wash the washing machine deeply in a sustainable way

Before getting to know how we can recover the fresh smell of our clothes, check if your washing machine gives off a bad smell. If so or just as a precaution, thoroughly clean your washing machine. Do a wash without clothes or use a specific detergent for this purpose or a Natulim strip of your favorite fragrance (whether natural, floral or lavender) and you can do a machine wash in an ecological way.

Natural products to remove the bad smell from your coats, jackets...

Garments such as coats and jackets that give off a certain closed smell due to their characteristics cannot always be put in the washing machine.  Normally, they are usually washed at the dry cleaners to eliminate the accumulated bad smell. Although for energy efficiency, we can choose other ways to remove that smell, we tell you how:

  • Fresh air

Hang your clothes outdoors. If you have a garden, terrace or a good terrace or balcony away from pollution, the better. Fresh, dry air is one of the best ingredients to recover the fresh smell of your clothes.

  • Vinegar and steam.

To apply this solution, you need a bucket of hot water and a 100ml glass of vinegar and take a hot shower that gives off steam. Take a shower and close the bathroom and place the shirt near the shower, hanging on a hanger. Under the item of clothing, place a bucket full of hot water with the diluted vinegar.

The steam will soak into your outerwear and remove the bad smell.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

The use of baking soda allows dry cleaning to be carried out.

To do this, spread baking soda where the bad smell is concentrated.

The amount of baking soda we use will undoubtedly depend on the garment itself. Let it act for 1 hour. In that time, baking soda can absorb odor, moisture, and bacteria.

Intensify the good smell of your clothes with your favorite Natulim fragrance

Once your outerwear regains its good smell and your closet or dressing room is also clean and airy and your clothes need to go to the washing machine, wash them with Natulim, choosing your favorite fragrance and intensify its aroma by adding a small glass of white vinegar to the drawer of the Detergent. You will see that the fragrance is amplified and this will help your closet smell fresh, reminding you of your favorite Natulim scent.



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