Discover how to remove ink stains from clothes!

We have all felt the despair of being victims of ink stains on our clothes. And surely, the first thing that comes to mind is that there is no remedy. It is not like this! There are several techniques to remove these annoying stains. The best thing is that you will achieve it with homemade products such as isopropyl alcohol, milk, white vinegar, among others.

The freshness of the stain will determine the amount of effort you will need to apply to get rid of it. Not everything is lost! We invite you to learn more details about how to deal with these accidents and leave your clothes as if nothing had happened.

ink stain on pants

Take note! Materials needed to remove the stain

The struggle to remove ink stains from clothing is a task you have to be prepared for. Therefore, it is ideal to take into account a list of suitable materials that are essential to deal with the problem effectively. However, these products and methods will vary depending on the type of fabric and how old the stain is.

Before tackling the mission of removing that ink stain, you should have the following items at your disposal:

  • Soft bristle brush or sponge
  • Cold water
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Milk
  • Household products: You may need white vinegar, baking soda, lemon and salt.
  • Large containers
  • Trusted stain remover.

In the case of stain remover, a good and effective option due to its quality is Natulim Stain Remover. With this product you will not only be able to remove the stain, it also acts quickly and its formula is environmentally friendly.

Remove ballpoint ink stains

Don't let a pen ink stain ruin your day, the important thing is the sooner you act, the easier the stain removal task will be. Otherwise, you will have to apply several techniques to remove the stain. Here we show you what to do in these cases:

red ballpoint ink stain on clothes
  • Check the garment label: The first thing you should do before starting the process of removing the ink stain is to read the garment label. This way, you will know which products you can or cannot use.
  • Act quickly: Acting quickly on the ink will make it easier to remove. If you let it dry, the ink will likely penetrate deeply into the fabric and be more difficult to remove.
  • Put a cloth or towel underneath: Ballpoint ink is a very strong product, so it can spread to other parts of the fabric and even stain the surface where you are working. Therefore, it is recommended to put a towel underneath to avoid ink transfer.
  • Test with isopropyl alcohol: It is essential in this step to test the reaction of the garment with the alcohol, so you should test in an inconspicuous area to verify that it does not cause damage. If you notice that it helps remove the stain, you can continue with the next step.
  • Apply isopropyl alcohol: With the help of a clean cloth, wet it with alcohol and place it on the pen ink stain. You can't apply too much force in this step, because it can cause the ink to penetrate further and spread throughout the clothing. Instead, it is preferable to dab small touches with the cloth soaked in alcohol on the stain so that it dissolves the ink.
  • Rub with the brush: With the soft bristle brush or sponge, you will gently rub the stain. This is a way to loosen the ink from the fabric.
  • Rinse with cold water: Use plenty of cold water to rinse the garment so that the dissolved ink can be removed.
  • Wash the garment: Proceed to wash the garment as you do regularly, preferably with cold water again. Before drying in the sun or in the dryer, inspect the stain area to make sure it has been completely removed. If there is any residue, repeat the process.
  • If the stain persists: You can use a little detergent on the stain and rub gently with a sponge, then rinse and wash.

Throughout the process of removing ink stains from clothing, the speed with which you act and patience are factors that ensure success in removing stains.

Remove marker ink stains

black marker ink stain on clothes

If you have children at home, you've probably already dealt with marker ink stains. When doing school work, it is common for it to be accidentally stained. If so, you don't have to give up everything. There is a solution for this type of stain, although the type of ink may vary. Some markers are based on permanent ink or washable ink, depending on their use and the type of surface on which they will be used.

We explain step by step what to do with these marker ink stains:

Soak in cold water: If the ink is fresh, you can start by soaking the garment in cold water with detergent. This will help dissolve the ink and prevent it from setting on the fabric.

Use alcohol: If, on the other hand, a few minutes have passed since the accident with the marker ink, it is best to apply isopropyl alcohol to the stain with the help of a clean cloth. After a few minutes it should disappear or reduce in size.

Apply milk: If the stain still persists, you can use boiling milk on the stain and let it act for a few minutes. You can repeat this procedure if you notice that the stain is still not removed.

Wash and dry: To finish removing stains, wash the garment with a trusted mild detergent and, if possible, apply Natulim Stain Remover. This product will guarantee that your garment is stain-free. Finally, wash with cold water and let dry.

Marker ink stains on clothing are not as difficult to remove as you might think. With the steps we mentioned above, you can have stain-free clothes in just a few minutes.

Remove ink stains from printers

printer inks

Printer ink stains can occur due to carelessness when handling these devices or when refilling the cartridges with ink. Regardless of what your case is, don't regret it, it has a solution.

This is what you should do to remove printer ink stains from your clothes:

  • Time is key: As has been mentioned on other occasions, the reaction time to an ink stain is key to its removal. The sooner you act, the easier it will be to resolve.
  • Absorb excess: Using a clean cloth or paper towel, absorb the ink on your clothing. By removing the excess, you will prevent it from spreading throughout the fabric and causing the stain to get deeper.
  • Apply white vinegar: Vinegar is effective when removing printer ink, due to its level of acidity that acts on the chemical agents in the ink. Use another towel and moisten it with the vinegar and rub the stain without using too much force.
  • Gently scrub: Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to gently scrub the ink stain with the vinegar. This will help remove or at least loosen the ink on the fabric.
  • Rinse with water: One of the last steps is to rinse with cold water to finish dissolving the ink that is on the fabric.
  • Wash: Wash the garment as usual with your detergent, preferably cold water. Before putting it in the dryer or in the sun, make sure that the ink stain is completely removed. If there is any stain left, repeat the process again.
  • Always check: Before putting the garment in the dryer, make sure the stain is no longer there. Because the heat from the dryer will set the stain even more and you will lose the work done so far.

Removing a printer ink stain is not an uphill process; these accidents can be recurring. And you already know how to solve them!

Remove old ink stains

You may have carelessly stored clothes stained with ink or you simply took a while to notice the stain. In these cases, there is still a possibility of removing those annoying stains and recovering your clothes, although it will take a little more effort.

Pay attention to the instructions that we will give you and put them into practice:

Combine baking soda with vinegar: Enca árgate de Make a mixture with equal parts baking soda and vinegar until a paste forms. Then, apply it to the ink stain and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Use a stain remover: If you have a trusted stain remover, use it. If not, we recommend Natulim Stain Remover. This product is ideal for this type of stains, due to its high concentrated power.

Rinse with cold water: Make sure to rinse ink-stained clothing in plenty of cold water to get rid of all residue.

Wash: Wash your garment regularly and preferably with cold water again. Before using the dryer, check that the stain has been removed. If there is still some left, repeat the process until you get rid of the stain.

Regardless of how long that old stain has been on your garment, don't stop insisting on these methods.

Remove fresh ink stains

When we talk about removing stains, we always mention the importance of acting as soon as possible. It is ideal when these accidents occur and it is a simpler process, since the ink is fresh and will yield with minimal effort.

We want to guarantee your success in removing fresh ink stains, just follow these steps:

Use isopropyl alcohol: You can start by using a cloth or sponge moistened with alcohol and apply it by tapping on the stain. When it is fresh, it will disappear little by little.

Soak in cold water: Having removed stains from clothing with alcohol, it is important to remove the ink residue left on the fabric. Soak for about 15 to 20 minutes to ensure it is free of residue.

Washing: To ensure successful removal of the ink stain, it is best to wash the garment with a mild detergent. And as always, when you finish washing, check that the stain is no longer there.

Let it dry: After washing, let the garment dry in the sun and you will be able to see how it was stain-free.

Removing ink stains with Natulim, it is possible!

Natulim stain remover for ink on clothes

Removing ink stains no longer has to be a bitter or tedious process, due to all the tips and tricks we gave you throughout this article. And the best! The thing is that they are with products that you have at home. But If you don't have the patience to experiment with homemade methods, you can try a faster, more effective and environmentally friendly solution, like our Natulim Stain Remover.

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