How to mop the floor to make it shiny and fragrant

Certainly, with the passage of time, the floors in our home lose shine and do not retain a good aroma. The main reason is because the appropriate cleaning products and methods are not used. Just how our house looks, we will feel. The opacity of the floors makes them look dirty and worn, and in turn this generates discomfort in us. Let's get out of this!

Girl mopping the bright floor

You don't need to change the tiles, you just have to learn how to clean the floors properly. Regardless of the materials you use, whether homemade or commercial, you will have shiny floors with a scent that makes you feel comfortable and at ease with your entire surroundings. At Natulim we want to share with you some tricks to keep floors clean and shiny in an easy and simple way. Take paper and pencil!

Clear floor area to be cleaned

If there is one first piece of advice to give when starting to clean the floor, it is to clear the entire area. If we look carefully, in each area of ​​our house we have furniture, appliances and an endless number of objects that, when cleaning, do not allow us to comfortably mop the floor.

Beyond being an action that we must take every time we clean, it is a way to take care of those things that we no longer need or that require relocation. By having a clear floor, you will save time and can focus on scrubbing the floor until you achieve the shine and aroma you want.

So, start by lifting the chairs, furniture and all those elements that you may have on the floor. This way, you can use the products you require and they will act without fear of wetting, staining or damaging other objects.

Vacuum the floor

Dust is always present in homes from our shoes, when we leave the windows or doors open, and even from our pets. The entry of dust and other particles is inevitable. Unfortunately, this dust accumulates on our surfaces, mainly on the floors.

girl vacuuming the floor barefoot

Before starting to mop the floor, you need to remove all the existing dust and you can do this with the help of a vacuum cleaner. It is the best tool for removing dust and small debris throughout the floors. Follow these steps to perform a correct vacuum:

  1. Leave the area free: Take care of collecting all the elements that could hinder the vacuuming process. This way, your work will be lighter as you don't have to put things away at the same time as you vacuum.
  1. Dusting: Shake or wipe dust from surfaces such as furniture, tables, lamps, and other decorations. Because that dust that you don't remove, as soon as you have contact with it, it will fall to the ground and it will be an endless cycle.
  1. Good lighting: Without good lighting it is impossible to observe details and you can overlook areas where the accumulation of dust is greater. Looks good! Take advantage of daylight if necessary so that nothing escapes you.
  1. Use a clean cloth: It may happen that while we are vacuuming we see dirt on a socket or table. For these cases, if we have a cloth on hand, we can take care of this immediately.

You must keep an eye on your vacuum cleaner's waste bag; its user manual indicates how often you should change it for it to work optimally. We remind you that by regularly vacuuming the floors, you protect yourself from dust and how harmful it is to your health and the appearance of the floors. Don't be careless, vacuuming should be several times a week.

Scrub floor joints

To keep your floor clean, it is vital to pay special attention to the joints. This area causes a lot of frustration in those who do not know how to treat them to preserve their whiteness. They get dirty easily and that same dirt accumulates and darkens its color, which in turn makes the floor look dirty and neglected. To correct this fault, we will teach you how to scrub the floor joints to leave them neat:

    • Pre-clean the floor: First put on multipurpose gloves to protect your hands. Wash the soil you are going to treat with plenty of warm water.
    • Mix baking soda and vinegar: In a container, mix one measure of vinegar to three of baking soda. You are going to spread the resulting paste over the joints and let it act for at least 2 hours.
    • Scrub with a soft-bristled brush: With a soft-bristled brush you will scrub the joints of the floor. Apply some force to speed up the process and remove the dirt completely.
    • Clean again: Mop with warm water to get rid of any residue left on the surface.
    • Dry : Dry the entire area with a clean mop or towel.

The mixture between baking soda and white vinegar has a disinfectant effect and eliminates all dirt where it is applied. Plus, it restores color to your floor grooves with just a little rubbing. These two natural ingredients are the perfect allies for cleaning many things in the home. Not using them is wasting the benefits that each one offers us.

After scrubbing the grooves, you'll enjoy a floor that looks great. But, don't be careless, this is a task that you should do regularly to keep the grooves free of dirt and maintain their original color.

Mop the floor with products (homemade or commercial)

It's not just about cleaning the floor in your home, it's also about keeping it in excellent condition over time. Therefore, mopping the floor is a recurring activity and choosing the right products will make the difference between a shiny and fragrant floor and a sloppy one.

Luckily, among the options you can have for mopping the floor, there are homemade and commercial products. You can choose the one you prefer according to your needs. Using the right product will save you a lot of headaches.

By reading some of our recommendations and putting them into practice, you will be able to know which products or methods give you the best results. Here we mention some recommendations for homemade or commercial products that you can use to mop the floor:

Homemade products for mopping the floor

This is a list of homemade products that are presented as a natural alternative to scrubbing floors and that may be the solution you were looking for:

White vinegar and water: White vinegar has incredible disinfecting properties. So when you mix equal parts of it with water, it becomes a cleaning emulsion. And not only does it have the power to eliminate bacteria, it also adds shine to your tiles.

Baking soda: Baking soda has the ability to eliminate odors and, due to its abrasive characteristic, also stains. By mixing it with water, you create a paste that you can use directly on the floor and then mop it.

Lemon: Lemon is a fruit recognized for the number of uses and benefits it offers, and one of them is its disinfectant function. On the other hand, its particular aroma can refresh your home. Discover its effectiveness by scrubbing your floor, use lemon juice mixed with water to clean surfaces.

Olive oil: It is not only used to season salads, but also to scrub the floor and will help you give more life to your wood. If you want to apply it, you just have to mix olive oil with lemon juice in equal parts. It will especially leave your wooden floors shiny.

Commercial Floor Mopping Products

If you are inclined towards the practicality of purchasing commercial products that are effective, here we mention some:

Multipurpose cleaners: You can find them in any supermarket and you surely have one at home. It is a liquid that offers cleaning on a variety of surfaces, this includes floors. They have multiple fragrances that you can choose from.

Specific cleaners: This product is designed for a specific type of floor, which makes it an ideal solution. You won't run the risk of it damaging your floor as it is made for it.

Steam cleaners: Devices of this type are based on using steam to remove dirt and are very effective against stains. Another relevant aspect is that it is free of chemical agents, so it is a safe cleaning.

Floor Cleaner - 30 Natulim Eco-Strips: With the Natulim Eco-Strip Floor Cleaner - 30 you will have in your hands the ideal partner for scrubbing your floors. Not only does it have a brightening, disinfecting power, it is eco-friendly, it also has a jasmine aroma that will give a feeling of absolute cleanliness.

Natulim floor cleaner box to clean floors

Add shine and add your favorite fragrances (homemade or commercial air fresheners)

The appearance of your home and its smell are connected to the comfort you can feel when being in its spaces. If you have a pleasant fragrance, the atmosphere will be peaceful for you and your visitors. Likewise, if the above is accompanied by clean, organized spaces with shiny floors, its attractiveness is much greater. Discover how to add shine and add your favorite fragrances when mopping your floors:

Give shine and add fragrances with homemade air fresheners

With ingredients you have at home, you can provide natural fragrances that last over time. These are the alternatives to give shine and a good aroma that you need to know:

White vinegar and water: White vinegar combined with water can neutralize bad odors and also give the floors a shine. On the other hand, it eliminates stains and grease, so it is a beneficial mixture in many ways.

Baking soda: Baking soda cannot be missing when removing odors and complicated stains. When you mix it with water you will obtain a paste that you can use to scrub the floors to give them shine and get rid of annoying odors.

Lemon: Lemon juice combined with water is a powerful natural air freshener that will leave a fresh aroma throughout your home. And due to its disinfectant properties, it will eliminate bacteria, mold and have a polishing effect on tiles and floors in general.

Essential oils: A few drops of your favorite essential oil, mixed with vinegar and water, is a long-lasting air freshener. And another advantage is that essential oils have natural cleaning properties that will make your floor sparkling.

Commercial products that will provide shine and fresh aroma

Multipurpose waxes or floor conditioner: Waxes are the product that guarantees an ideal finish for your floors, their shine is exceptional and not to mention that most of them contain aromas that can perfectly decorate your home. You can apply it with the help of a scrubber or with a polishing machine.

Mops with fragrance tanks : This type of mop is very special, it has a special tank to insert tablets with aromas to help you polish your floors. As you use it, it releases the fragrance. It is an item worth having at home.

Conditioner for specific floors: If your type of floor is something special to obtain good results and make it shine, the ideal is to apply a conditioner made for this type of floor. It not only guarantees brilliance, but also freshness that will last.

Floor Cleaners - 30 Natulim Eco-Strips: We cannot fail to mention this innovative product. That goes beyond providing cleaning, disinfection and aroma. In addition, it protects your floor and leaves it impeccable.

Natulim floor cleaner to clean the floor at home

Regardless of the type of product you choose, you should strive to regularly mop your floors. If you do not have clean surfaces, it is more difficult for any product to act efficiently to provide shine and a good aroma to your home.

Importance of drying to achieve shiny and scented floors

Mopping the floor to make it shine and have a long-lasting scent can be complicated tasks if you don't work with the right methods. And in this aspect, there is a key element and it is how we dry the soils. This will make a difference in the finish we want.

If you don't dry your floors well, you will be prone to stains, dullness, and the fragrance possibly fading much faster. In this case, you must use a mop that is completely clean and we explain how to achieve this:

  • In a bucket with hot water, place a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. Then rinse the mop repeatedly until you notice that it is completely clean.
  • By now having your mop disinfected, you will be able to dry your floors correctly, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors.

It is common that after mopping the floors, we make the mistake of using a bad mop and the only thing this will do is ruin our work. Ideally, you should let your mop dry after cleaning it, thus preventing moisture from generating a bad smell.

The Natulim Floor Cleaner will be your best ally!

Don't be left wanting to get shiny floors with a fresh aroma. In this article you will get the necessary tricks to restore the shine to your tiles and change the atmosphere of your home for a renewed one. With the Natulim Floor Cleaner this task will be easier. If you want to know more cleaning recommendations, be sure to visit our blog.

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