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How to wash your baby's delicate clothes, conscious washing.

Babies, and especially newborns , have very delicate skin, so they require special care. When a baby comes home, in addition to choosing natural fibers to dress them, it is important to find products that are friendly and respectful of their skin.

At Petit Oh!, we care about choosing natural fabrics that are soft and breathable, the most suitable for the new members of the family. That's why we work with Pima cotton, the softest cotton in the world...

But... What about washing baby clothes? Should newborn clothes be washed before taking them to the hospital? What detergent should we use for baby clothes, sheets and other garments that will be in contact with their skin for many hours?

Below we leave you 4 important aspects to take into account when a new baby arrives at home…

  • Do baby clothes need to be washed before using them for the first time?

  • During the manufacturing process, garments are exposed to dust and other polluting agents, and they also go through many procedures between manufacturing, storage, sale, etc. The answer is clear: Yes, it is necessary to wash baby clothes before using them.

  • Should I use special soap or detergent to wash baby clothes?
  • Yes, soap, the more natural the better. Most detergents on the market contain bleaches, bleaches, perfumes and other components that are not indicated for the skin of babies (or that of adults!), as they can cause allergies and irritations. That's why we are fans of Natulim!

  • Should I use fabric softener?
  • It is better to avoid it , since fabric softeners usually leave residue on clothes and contain substances that are very aggressive for the baby's skin. We shouldn't even use them for our clothes. Once again, this is why we are fans of Natulim.


  • Should I wash baby clothes separately?
  • Many people recommend washing baby clothes separately. If the previous recommendations are followed, it should not be a problem to share a washing machine with the rest of the family and thus reduce laundry. You just have to be careful that the rest of the clothes do not have snaps or zippers that could damage the baby's clothes.

    We hope that this information has been useful to you and that it helps you when welcoming a new baby into your home. We leave you a code with a 10% discount for your next purchase at : Natulim10

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