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Clean clothes. Zero waste.

Clean clothes.
Zero Waste.

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Hot & Cold Water

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

White & Coloured Clothes

Zero Waste

For all skins

Zero Residues

Vegan & CrueltyFree

White & Coloured

Hot & Cold Water

What are Natulim washing strips?

Suitable for the most delicate skin

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Washing in 3 easy steps

1: Part the strip

2: Put the strip into the washing machine

3: Add the clothes

94% Less Pollution in Transportation

Without having to measure. Easy and clean.

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Concentrated cleaning power

Mujer ropa suave

The lightest. Gain space.

I want to gain space
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Plastic free. Zero waste.

Plantar un arbol gracias a las tiras de degergente ecologico Natulim

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